Setup Aptana for JQuery Development

Aptana is an excellent IDE for writing code for python/ruby/jquery, I don’t / wouldn’t to develop PHP :), mastering the programming languages like ruby/python/javascript and related tools is overhead enough for me.

Now, I will talk about setting up the Aptana 3.05+ for JQuery Development.

AutoComplete and Syntax Reference

We need to install Javascript-JQuery.ruble to support AutoComplete.

How to Install

From the meun Commands > Bundle Development, we can Install Bundle for JQuery, that Javascript-JQuery.ruble from GitHub will be installed. This project ( javascript-jquery.rulbe is ported from Textmate’s jquery bundle).

After that, right-click the project in project explorer, select menu item “Properties”, select the checkbox for correct JQuery version in Project Build Path, Done!

Now we have the inline code-assist and syntax prompt when writing the code.

Since the Aptana 3.0, Ruble (Ruby bundle) is introduced to developers. We can think it as a clone implementation of bundle from TextMate written with Ruby. If you want to know the detail, maybe Ruble Specification will be helpful. In this wiki page, if getting the first glance, we will know the code snippet , commands, key binds and other magics of editing belong to a Ruble definition. And we can redefine/extend the Ruble if we master the syntax and have enough patience to adjust the behavior for every command, or just create a new code snippet or a new template. So leaving this part of work to expert, we just use it.

For other javascript framework, still not support with form of ruble, so we have to put the sdocml file into a folder of project, anywhere but a special folder recommended. Please refer the help about JavaScript Library Support for Dojo,  ExtJS/Sencha, YUI and Google. That works now, but definitely we can find them into bundles also.

Zen Coding

For writing HTML, we need the plugin Zen Coding to write the HTML rapidly. Zen Coding is implemented as bundle also, but  in the official website, they still tell user to install the zen coding thru eclipse plugin system.

After installing this plugin, we can write the html elements with a special syntax similar to CSS.

Have Fun with JQuery :)


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